We aspire to be a lean organization providing high quality customized solutions to our customers.


Our mission is to develop long term business relations with our customers by consistently delivering superior quality products.

Our Values

● Quality ● Integrity ● Lean management


We take pride in that fact that our products directly contribute to the economic development.


Automobile industry is the world’s largest economic sector by revenue and is governed by stringent norms of safety and pollution control.

Paints, Varnishes and Surface Coatings

Fabkem has developed a complete array of solvents, coalescents and dispersants required by the paints, varnishes and surface coating industry.


Fabkem products play a vital role in various unit operations in the manufacturing of chemicals for a variety of purposes.


The varied and vibrant textile sector needs carefully formulated chemicals to cater to the ever changing fashion industry.
The Fabkem Story
The story of Fabkem India and brand starts with Mr Asif H Bandukwalla who started Diam Organics on return to India from overseas. Every great brand story considers the purpose and dream that birthed the company, and understanding what has brought you to this point and where the company is going is a strong place to start. Read More...
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