We take pride in the fact that our products directly contribute to the economic development. Economically vital infrastructure sector is subject to harsh climate conditions, availability of water, adverse impact of hard water on the properties of the concrete, dust etc. Fabkem has a range of concrete admixtures to address these challenges.

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Water reducing concrete admixtures

 Our FabMix and FabMix-rp give the desired slump at low water-cement ratio. These admixtures help you obtain specific concrete strength using lower cement content. Improved concrete properties enable construction in extremely challenging situations like congested areas, long distance transport, manufacturing of precast segments in yards, hot climates etc. 

  • Precast yards 
  • Bridge decks 
  • Low slump concrete overlays 
  • Patching concrete

Water proofing

Fabkem has mastered a range of water proofing solutions for crystalline, membrane and water stops. Our waterproofing admixtures have demonstrated performance in challenging situations like saline/sea water, carbonation, chloride attack, salt ingression by hard water etc. Our FabSeal is the answer to all your waterproofing challenges. 

  • Foundation protection 
  • Light pedestrian traffic 
  • Backing for marble and granite

Tile adhesives

Fabkem provides fabulous solutions for fixing a variety of tiles and natural stones in fresh construction and re-tiling. Be it glazed/unglazed ceramic, porcelain, mosaic or vitrified tiles or stones like marbles, granite, marbonite; we ensure the beauty of your house and structure is retained for many years. We also provide tile grouts for filling the gap between the tiles.

  • Tiles and stones of any kind 
  • Industrial floors 
  • Under layments
  • Grouts to fill gaps between the tiles  


Fabkem accelerating concrete admixtures enhance the rate of development of concrete strength and reduce the setting time. Fabkem accelerators are especially useful in cold climates.

Machinery grouts

Fabkem understands the requirements of machinery like turbines, generators, compressors, mills for various operations like rolling, stamping, drawing, finishing and the importance of maintenance of the high-stake equipment.

  • Bedding, grouting and precision bearing systems
  • Turbines, generators, compressors
  • Rolling, stamping, drawing, finishing mills 
  • Machinery and equipment requiring high strength maximum bearing
  • Paper machine soleplates
  • Anchor bolts and rods
  • Machinery where thermal movement and effects of heating/ cooling and wetting/ drying are anticipated 
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